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Pearl River Delta Furniture Exhibition , Furniture Industry Shows Different Faces
Article origin:本站原创  |  Liu Baohui     [TIME:2008/4/20]



After the new year, the annual Pearl River Delta Furniture Exhibition is upcoming, furniture enterprises are proactively preparing for it and dare not to be careless, and keep exploring in this endless opportunities stage. At present, the furniture enterprises are facing various heavy and difficult problems, for example, industry competition, product design and brand sales etc. It is in common for most exhibitors that seeing how the industry professionals solve these problems, communicate with them to seek for solving these problems beforehand and gain advantageous opportunities.


Judging from the former furniture exhibition, the Pearl River Delta Spring Exhibition is always the leader sheep in the industry, and it is the vane of the entire Chinese furniture industry development in product issuing and brand package etc fields. At the same time, issues in the Pearl River Delta Furniture Exhibition are the most representative and can be most effectively display the industry’s great problem, so the furniture runners dare not to be careless about this exhibition.


Furniture Enterprises Seek New Opportunity in Hardship


The 2007 furniture industry endured a more difficult period, a series of external and internal environment pressures make many enterprises encounter business difficulties and even the existing risk. Most enterprises obviously feel the pressures come from various fields, beside the export policies, foreign exchange rate policies adjustment and the raw materials cost bully etc reasons bring the high cost for the enterprises, they will also face new challenges, such as lost in the new products development direction, uncontrolled the furniture consumption market trend, fatigue for the national policies adjustment and the enterprises internal managements adjustment etc problems will haunt the furniture enterprises in a long term in the future. So under such situation, once the enterprises make one mistake, they might lose in the whole battle.


The reporter found that most enterprises had endured great pressured while he researched for Dongguan furniture enterprises. The industry expert research section data shows that 20% enterprises are facing the survival risk in various degrees. In Dongguan furniture circle, the workshop for selling or even close down etc news is frequent, it is no longer a difficulty to find an idle workshop or receive a furniture enterprise before and after the new year.


On facing such pressure, event the best enterprises dare not careless, when the exhibition is upcoming, most enterprises try their best to try to hold on such great opportunity.


During the interview before the exhibition, the reporter found that some enterprises are busy preparing for the exhibition, step by step, from designing the product to proactively gain the consumption data and information that have the instructive meaning for developing the products in the terminal. Some enterprises united with the sponsor to hold the original design competition and industry forum so as to strengthen the products’ continuous developing ability.


At the same time, some big enterprises take good usage of this opportunity to deepen the regularize step to meet the exhibition with stronger force and brand. The board chairman of Dongguan GuangRun Furniture Manufacture Co., Ltd. Gao Hanguang said to us that GuangRun would be listed into the market in the middle of this year, the company was now firmly preparing for the work before list into the market, in the upcoming Guangzhou Furniture Fair, GuangRun had booked the showroom that was nearly one thousand sqm, at that time, it would had four brands, GuangRun, Shifa, Jiashengshijia and GuangRun E-Zone, meanwhile, undertook domestic and international business to realize the bilateral development.


Exhibition is rather important for furniture enterprises, the eventually enlarging Pearl River Delta furniture exhibition cheers up every furniture enterprise. But some of the enterprises are different. In August last year, the Red Apple exclaimed not to join in the fair, and in March of this year, there were successive enterprises proclaimed not to join in the fair. Not joining the fair is not equal to give up the opportunity, these enterprises which acclaimed to quit the exhibition are also paying rather attention to the furniture exhibition opportunity, they use a more economical and direct method to open their brand promotion plan in the exhibition, like Huawei and Sansin, they would invite the clients before the exhibition by news press etc models, pay more attention on the rationalize communication, transition and service. For the products mature enterprises, this is a wholly new try and break through.


Enterprises will Pay more Attention to Cost Management and Technology Innovation


On facing the great exterior pressures, most enterprises are trying to escape the plight and eventually divert to deepen and fortify the internal management, from the long term, this is the most effective and direct way for coping the problems. It might find the new economy and profit increase point through solving and digesting the internal contradiction.


Mr. Gao Hanguang said in the interview that in the very period, the cost control was rather important for enterprises manufacture business. If enterprises want to effective join in the market competition, they should strengthen the cost control system construction, begin from the base, even the simple action that will be repeated for hundreds of times every day, scientifically and effectively train, encourage the technology innovation by efficient awarding mechanism, excavate the benefit from the detail that might be ignored in every day so as to directly transform to the enterprises’ profit. It is the most effective method to create enterprises value by cultivating good operation habit for every staff.


The general manager of Huawei Chen Yujun also said that Huawei products were eventually mature, gained the customers’ recognition and the sales network was gradually consummated. The company fixed the 2008 as the management year. In this year, it will pay more attentions on products structure and technique optimization, product production line adjustment and the entire manufacture system management promotion, which is for better provide excellent product for the customers in the next step, and also it is the precondition and guarantee for doing good job in service, so it is the reason why Huawei will not join in this exhibition.


Traditional Board Furniture will Remain Conventional Competition Advantage


After a decade’s struggling, the traditional board furniture is eventually mature no matter in product design, manufacture business process or in the brand sale operation, and it is taking an irreplaceable position in furniture terminal market. After ten years’ brilliant, the board furniture has gained great promotion and solidification in its market position especially in Guangdong area, most famous furniture brands are eventually dipping into people’s heart.


Impacted by the international environment, the foreign trade furniture enterprises that used to target to the international market are now aiming at the domestic market in recent two years, among of which, there are some big hands, judging from the current scale and trend, it must take a certain strike for the traditional board furniture in the future domestic market.


It is the true that the western furniture is gaining more and more recognition by the national consumers, the reason is because the people are keeping recognizing and pursuing the western culture. However, the consumption colony has certain limitation, the expensive western furniture that in the tip of the consumption stage is now the luxury for only a few rich. Therefore, it will not risk much for the traditional furniture and the opportunity that cause great risk has not yet matured.


Besides, as consumers’ housing culture taste promotion, respective enterprises begin to walk the diversified business road, special materials and characteristic technique furniture begin to show up, but due to the limit of consumers agreement, it can hardly suit for the demand of big enterprises batch manufacture while the small and medium enterprises are hard to form the brand effect in a short time, therefore, the personalize products market development is brilliant but the process is uneven.


New Chinese Furniture Design still Get Large Promotion Spaces


Judging from the New Chinese furniture that appear like the bamboo shot after the spring rain in the exhibition, the new Chinese furniture tide might be fiercer in this year. You just need to walk around the furniture marketplace for a while, you will find that there are some familiar Chinese furniture brands, but they are simply transformed and almost the copies.


Actually, new Chinese furniture can not always be copied and imitated, the pure imitation is just the superficial, the deeper culture content that the products have need to accumulate and sediment, once lose the culture, it will lose the long last vitality. In the future, there might be more enterprises are trying to produce such new Chinese furniture, but if they are lack of original creation and continuous development ability, these new born modern Chinese furniture brands might finally be washed out by the market.


Even this, the passion that enterprises develop new Chinese furniture will not be impacted, as people’s favor of Chinese culture value return, the new Chinese furniture will still have larger space in the future and it will definitely be the large cake for most enterprises. However, the problem is not the market itself but the enterprises themselves, the reason originates from the depth of their understanding and recognition for Chinese furniture culture. The just begin enterprises that firstly develop the modern Chinese furniture should have few designers who have deep and systematic research for Chinese culture. So in their products design, they are just limited to the simple imitate and pile up for Chinese elements, so how can such design stretch to product package and brand value.


Actually, it is amazing that scores of new Chinese furniture brands appear in just one year. We do not care about whether it is copy or follow, anyhow, there are the insight people lead the trend, and it is good for Chinese furniture enterprises paying such attention to the development of new Chinese furniture, as the new born creature, it will predict that the new Chinese furniture will have larger art charm in the future Chinese market and even the international market.


After having good market basement, the new Chinese furniture should not limit to ‘the same’, but should gradually discard the stiff and simple, but the more extract, precise and symbolic Chinese elements should be better deducted and inherited in the modern furniture.


Strengthen the Sale System Construction first While Combating for Domestic Market


More export enterprises have no choice but to shift to the domestic market, the international industry trend, export policies limitation and international foreign exchange rate make them can not breathe. Due to the policies adjustment has once again compressed the enterprises’ profit, and they are in hardship, some of them still be shadowed in the antidumping issue. The administration manager of Ruifeng Timber Industry Co., Ltd. Liu Qianglong said to the reporter that during the antidumping review list, Ruifeng had 7, and they were now proactively cooperate with the relative departments to deal with the case.


So it is rational for the international trade enterprises shift to the domestic market, but through the interviewed, the reporter found that most enterprises did not prepare fully enough for facing the great national market. Take the exhibitors for example, some of them are in a hurry and the prophase work is not enough, which can display their domestic sale market sales system construction is incomplete yet.


Firstly, the enterprises do not understand the domestic furniture consumption market enough. The consumers’ buying habit, product profile size adjustment and marketplace atmosphere etc processes should cost energies for the enterprises or it might be fail. Especially in the sale spot, the marketplace seller system training and marketplace atmosphere creation are rather important, the conventional ideology will make enterprises do not timely pay attention to the change of consumers colony, and they will lose the best opportunity of occupying the market in the beginning.


Secondly, traditional foreign trade enterprises are lack of effective image promotion system, it is not enough for enterprise just having good management system and good product. Meanwhile, they isolate with the domestic enterprises, even the information communication between the industry, lack of the necessary human relationship network that need in the domestic market operation, which will directly lead to the terminal and franchisers platform construction is blank. Therefore, once the new products lose in the exhibition in the earlier, they might not recover again under the fierce competition.


Meanwhile, the enterprises are also facing the manufacture structure adjustment problem. Because the specialty of product, the current American furniture is concentrating in the first line cities and costal cities, so many American furniture brands appear in a single night make the just-begin consumption market too concentrative and the market proportion is shrinking in a short time. In the period that does not form the mainstream consumption, this specialty determines the product sale quantities that distribute to every enterprise will be smaller, products varieties will be increased, for those exporters who get accustom to convention export business, they will feel no where to go if they do not proactively adjust the ideas. It is not just adjusting the manufacture model but more importantly, the change of idea for those batch orders processing model quickly shift to the passive manufacture model that according to the small orders to arrange the manufacture plan.

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