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New Quantitative, Qualitative Change on Sale in Domestic Market of Chinese Furniture
Article origin:DONGGUAN FRUNITURE  |  By He Jingrong     [TIME:2008/6/10]



March is the Guangdong furniture industrial exhibiting season. Dongguan Famous Furniture Fair, Guangzhou International Furniture Fair, Shenzhen Furniture Fair, Shunde Dragon Excellent Furniture Fair were continually held. The 4 fairs, only Dongguan Famous Furniture Fair full of atmosphere of sell in domestic market. In some aspects, Dongguan Famous Furniture Fair can reflect the domestic furniture market status. All information appeared in Dongguan Famous Furniture Fair, concentrated latest domestic market information. Accurately unscramble Dongguan Famous Furniture Fair has very important signification on the next year’s domestic market trend control.


Chinese Furniture’s Domestic Market Hot


Increasingly high-speed development of Chinese economy enlarged the China furniture industry’s domestic market.


In the past year 2007, Chinese GDP has reached 24661.9 billion Yuan, increment is 11.4%, The per capita disposable income of urban residents is 13786 Yuan, increased 17.2% compared the last year, deduct the price increment, real increment is 12.2%, quickened 1.8%, The per capita net income of rural households is 4140 Yuan, increased 15.4% and deduct the price increment, real increment is 9.5%


Urban and rural residents’ income is integrated increasing, at the end of 2007, the savings deposits of the regions urban and rural residents reached 17253.4 billion Yuan, increased 1096.7 billion Yuan compared with the end of last year


The Chinese economy development train has never decelerated; Chinese urban and rural residents are coming rich with time by. Economy construction and resident living to the demand of house and office furniture is increasing. According to history experience, furniture demand’s increasing speed is always twice of the economy development. Chinese domestic furniture market’s enlargement is as expected.


Chinese economic development is coming balance, and built stable foundation for the enlargement of domestic market. On the national economic development level list, the Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Liaoning, Sichuan, Hubei provinces which were considered as backward areas have caught up and listed on the top ten. These provinces’s economic development speed is really fast. On the condition of the amount was very large, the acceleration is up to over 12%. The level is very high, and the acceleration is also very fast, the aftereffect is very strong.


On the blueprint of all Chinese cities’ economic development, the trend of Chinese economy coming balance can be seen more clearly. On top 50 cities list, have appeared a lot of inland cities. Tangshan, Ha’erbin, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Xuzhou, Nantong, Kunming, Luoyang, Jining, Linyi, Dongying, Cangzhou, Nanyang etc cities which were haven’t been regarded before, are on the list. But some well-know costal cities were abandoned by the list. This shows the Chinese inland economic development speed is very fast.


Chinese furniture industry can clearly see the new changes in Chinese Economy from the Chinese each province’s economic map and each city’s economic map, and then clearly know the changes happening in domestic market.


Integrate growing; economic map rapidly adjusting is the main characteristic of Chinese furniture domestic market.


The high-speed growing of Chinese furniture domestic market can also be read from the information disclosed on the just closed 19th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Fair. Located between Guangdong and Shenzhen, Dongguan, a city without big name has won great success with the 19th Fair. Attracted a lot of participants and visitors, but haven’t affected by strong competitors. It is more than the smart of fair organizer; it is an unwanted match of strong, speedy growing domestic market demand and the fair’s advantage. The match, at least at present, made the coequal fairs can only to cooperate with the Famous Furniture Fair.


On the 19th Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Fair, all participant were spent a lot of money, to build more beautiful and attracting booth. Participants simultaneously paid a lot of money on booth building, to build perfect and attractive booth seems a waste, but the signification is the high attention participants paid on domestic market. They’d rather spend money on the prestigious booth; even the value will only last 5 days, than to make a feeling of weak to dealers in front of the industry. This is fierce market competition, and back of the competition is the contest of profit and market space.


Assure and Enlarge Market with New Chinese Furniture Has Become a Hot Topic


Chinese domestic furniture market is not only changing in quantitative –quantity increasing, but also having qualitative change—new Chinese furniture’s market share increasing.


Still on the Famous Furniture Fair, the vane fair of Chinese domestic market, new Chinese furniture’s develop trace, thoroughly expressed the new Chinese furniture gradually coming strong process in market.


On March 2007 Famous Furniture Fair, new Chinese furniture was just a conception, and only a few enterprises launched it, and they are worried about the marketing, but on the August Famous Furniture Fair, tens of enterprises followed and launched their own new Chinese furniture, and come to this term of Famous Furniture Fair, new Chinese furniture has extended widely. Furniture manufactories haven’t added any new Chinese element in products will seems lag behind. And the enterprises launched the new Chinese style at the very early will never worry about the market, but need only develop it well, to protect the market form being occupied by followers.


New Chinese furniture thrives in China market, with the strong strike, reflected domestic consumer’s cultural return on furniture consumption.


New Chinese furniture’s producer added a lot of modern furniture manufacturing technology achievement at the same time of continue the Chinese traditional culture, made the new Chinese furniture rich in Chinese culture and have the characteristic of clear, comfortable, beautiful of modern furniture. Inherit traditional but not stickle in traditional. And, as for price, they didn’t just paid attention to high-end, but let as much consumer as possible to enjoy the new Chinese furniture. This marketing strategic, attracted a lot of new Chinese furniture fans, and attracted a lot of new Chinese furniture dealers.


There are a lot of definitions on new Chinese furniture, but it seems that the definition really accepted by the market is that use Chinese traditional culture element, absorb modern furniture technique soul, modern and traditional furniture.


Some furniture is far away from Chinese traditional furniture in style and material, but used powerful handcraft works, and ink painting, to make the Chinese feeling outstand in space. The using of Chinese element seems rote, but effective. New Chinese furniture’s contains was enriching in furniture people’s hard working and originality.


New Chinese furniture made a clean sweep in the fair, shows the qualitative change in Chinese domestic market is on going. Future Chinese furniture market will no longer follow western furniture’s lead. Chinese furniture will end the epoch of suffered western designers’ scold on plagiarizing, because the only one who can really understand the Chinese traditional culture is is Chinese designer.


The market will appreciate and commend the new Chinese furniture, a lot of factories have to add Chinese cultural element into products to obtain consumers’ acceptance.


This kind of qualitative change is happening quietly in Chinese furniture market, is a visible mark of Chinese furniture domestic market scope increasingly enlarging and consumption power increasingly growing. The Chinese complex in Chinese people’s consciousness, has tickled by new Chinese furniture, and created a brand new market. The one who ignore this market signal will loss a lot. In near future, new Chinese furniture will no longer an edge tool for enterprise to exploit the market, but a weapon to protect the market share.


In the coming new Chinese furniture epoch, ensure and enlarge market share with Chinese furniture, will become a topic which will be seriously discussed by sensitive furniture enterprise. New Chinese furniture will no longer be a furniture genre, but possibly become brand-new furniture phenomena, and will penetrate to the whole furniture market.


It is reasonable that Chinese people use new Chinese furniture. In future, the new Chinese future will become the mainstream in Chinese furniture market.


The Chinese Furniture First Phalanx’s Strength of Seek Add-Value in Design is Strong


Chinese furniture market is speedy enlarging, Chinese furniture mainstream is changing, and Chinese furniture manufactory first phalanx’s design strength has had surprisingly promotion.


Still on the March Famous Furniture Fair, the reporter understood that every participant’s booth is characteristic. The reporter has visited every Famous Furniture Fair in recently 5 years, only this time, participants promoted the booth design entirely. For a person who has already had aesthetic fatigue, the reporter has been attracted by the distinctive booths, and cleaned up the tired emotion. In past fairs, wonderful booth is just like morning stars, but in this fair, booths worth the appreciation can be found everywhere. Designer’s ingenuity shown on wonderful and original booths. Stay with the wonderful originality is a feast of sprit.


And furniture originality, has been accepted widely with the new Chinese conception, and entered into a collectively direction-turning stage. Dig up Chinese traditional values, abstract most representative symbol of Chinese culture, has become designers’ collective course. This kind of designing thought of seek originality in Chinese traditional culture, is Chinese furniture designers’ collective consciousness.


If we say that the Chinese furniture industry still has a lot of follower and imitator, then, the Chinese furniture first phalanx enterprises have had strong design strength.


Allow test, remit failure, accept individuality, relax and pleasant. Designers’ basic atmosphere is studying and accepting by furniture industry. In the Famous Furniture Fairs, the originality which really won full-house acclaim was always born in unwillingly inspiration. On the Famous Furniture Fair class, all masters studied each other, and promoted together, Chinese and western culture affected each other, melted together. Finally, Chinese furniture enterpriser and designer understood and supported each other, Chinese furniture design strength is concentrating, and creating real and can not be belittled power


Furniture’s way out is design, close to fashion, seek added-value in design, will have real way out. Chinese furniture designing power is now stronger than ever before. China should continually enhance the power of protect intellectual property rights, let the products which have real originality can get better market return, guide market pay more in design, and make the furniture industry become a real original industry, fashionable industry.


In exhibition field, the reporter accidentally heard an enterprise principal promised dealer, you can search in the exhibition, and we can imitate whatever you liked.


Somebody exerts his utmost effort and paid a lot of money on design, but somebody eye covetously, wait to steal the peach.


This is Chinese furniture designer’s nightmare, and also a pathogeny of Chinese furniture designing level can not be promoted. But, Chinese furniture first phalanx enterprisers and designers have won splendid achievement. With the government enhancing the protection on intellectual property rights, and the public increasing the acceptance of originality products, with more and more strong enterprises enter into the group to protect the intellectual property rights, the imitation will decrease, and profit from imitation will continually decrease but the risk will increase.


Furniture designing strength’s integral promotion, consciousness of seek added-value in design waken, is an exciting signal for the furniture industry.


2008 is Chinese Olympic year, and a Chinese economy deeply reforming year. Chinese furniture industry facing the unitive market which has never appeared in history, facing rapidly changing consumers, should keep clear all the time, keep high sensitive on market all the time, act as illuminati and leader of fashion. Only this can make enterprises stand steady in rapidly changing market, and buck for larger development.


Chinese furniture market integral extending is unarguable. But the problem where is the main force, still need to be accurately judged by market supervisors. Due to the social statistic is weak in China, the market analysis is short, and most market supervisors can only judge by experience, the judgment is full of risk, and not good for furniture industry integrate development. The market is asking for brainpower institutions to give out reliable data, to serve the enterprises charging forward in battle field.


Chinese furniture market’s qualitative change is also on going. Mainstream furniture will no longer be the furniture parade on western style, but the furniture melted a lot of Chinese cultural element. The latest market vane, should be understood by the industry as soon as possible, and then put into practice.


Chinese furniture industry in 2008 will as the Beijing Olympic Games, wonderful and changeable.

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